• Santosh Ninan

Moral Development

For the pat 8 years, I have been on the periphery of one of the premier academic institutions in the world: Cornell University.

As a pastor in Ithaca many students, faculty and staff attended my church. I spoke to campus groups 6-8 times a year. I spent countless hours on campus with both students and faculty.

More recently I have been investing more time into PhD candidates, post docs and young professors.

As a result I like to think I‘ve gained a little insight into where higher education is in the western world.

One of my conclusions is that for the past few years there has ceased to be any kind of foundational epistemic theory wherein moral development can even start to begin.

What I mean is I could speak to 5 different professors and there would be no agreement whatsoever about what behavior or character traits should be taught to students.

We are lost. Which makes Christian spiritual formation so vital today among children, teenagers and college students.

We need to get serious. A world that doesn’t know it’s right hand from it’s left needs clarity and direction.

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