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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

(speaking at Vineyard Church of Ithaca - March 2021)

Howdy! Welcome to my blog. A lot of my friends have asked me to start recording some of my thoughts about culture and theology. A podcast and youtube channel are also in the works.

I felt compelled to start this blog because of the times we are living in. We are over 3 months into 2021 and we have a little bit of time to reflect back on 2020 - arguably one of the most disruptive years in human history.

This disruption was felt even more sharply in the country I currently live in, the United States. I've often described what we have lived through like this:

In 1918, America lived through a pandemic that claimed 675 000 lives domestically and 50 000 000 lives globally.

In the 1930's America experienced the worst economic downturn in its history, called the Great Depression.

In the 1960's America saw massive social upheaval.

In 2020 - all three of these events took place AT THE SAME TIME!

Covid19 - as of April 2021, 567 000 Americans have died.

Economy - the subsequent shutdowns of businesses have cost millions of jobs, throwing millions of America out of work and shuttering many businesses for good.

Social - the high-profile killings of unarmed black people in the winter and spring of 2020 launched the largest public protests in American history. 26 million Americans marched in both lament and anger. That is almost 10% of the entire population.

Another factor that adds to the above pressures is changes in American religion and politics. White evangelicalism's merging with American nationalism has accelerated greatly over recent years. Political sectarianism proves to have varying fault lines across the country.

Can you see the need for clarity?! As human beings, we need clarity in order to live well. But, the current cultural climate poses great challenges for us in achieving this ideal. So, join me on this journey. Contact me with questions or comments. And you can subscribe and be alerted when new contact goes up.

I will always try to end each post with a hopeful quote, scripture, or piece of art.

I am currently reading through all of C.S. Lewis' books - so here's a quote from him:

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