• Santosh Ninan


George Floyd’s brother Philonese wipes away tears at press conference after verdict announcement.

Tuesday was a historic day in America. Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts that he was charged with in the murder of George Floyd. I watched the verdict announcement with baited breath and pounding heart. I let out a whoop! as the verdicts came down.

This is a significant victory in terms of the righting of historical wrongs. But it is only one step. There are many more left to go. I recorded a video that will be played in my church on Sunday. (I’m on a brief getaway to the Poconos with my family this weekend). In the video I reflect on the verdict. I also affirm our church’s commitment to fight racism in all its forms while also not maligning law enforcement officers.

We are talking about widespread systemic social change. The removal of institutional barriers to equity. But the real change we seek is much deeper and consequential - and that is cultural change through individual reform. Christians would call this the new birth. But even those without religious faith can move towards a new consciousness and understanding of human equity and flourishing.

Chauvin behind bars is a start. Let’s keep moving.

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